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About Wellness at Work

Wellness at Work is changing the world through innovative wellness education and resources. Passionate about the importance of wellbeing in all its forms, we impact the lives of our community every day by educating and supporting them to reduce stress, build wellbeing, and embrace their full potential.

We’re a family-owned Australian wellness company providing a supportive and trusted community for professionals across Australia and globally. Through practical wellness guidance, support and resources, we offer helpful ways to approach the opportunities and challenges of modern work and life.

From practical strategies for tackling tricky workplace situations, through to inspiration for the low motivation days that everyone experiences at different times, we understand what Australian professionals want to know and provide the answers to make everyday work and life healthy, happy and fulfilled.

Feel well. Work well. Live well.

Our key difference is in our wholistic approach. Instead of focusing narrowly on physical health or a single topic, we support the whole person – their physical, mental, emotional, and social wellbeing, resilience to stress, and job fulfilment. After all, strong wellbeing is essential for resilience to life’s challenges and being able to embrace your full potential.

Our wellbeing programs offer the latest research from the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and health. These skills and strategies are supported by practical tools that help to embed wellbeing principles and practices into everyday life.

Our mission is to increase the wellbeing of our world by helping individuals and organisations to increase their wellbeing and embrace their full potential.

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Our growing range of online training resources across a wide variety of formats, including articles, online seminars and online group coaching, will help you create the healthy, happy, confident, and fulfilled life you’ve imagined. Our online wellness store provides access to a variety of tools to support and inspire you.

These are all available at anytime from anywhere across the globe, giving you immediate, proactive access to the tools you need to build and maintain your wellbeing. Online coaching and counselling support is also available to give you personalised assistance for your individual needs and interests.

We also work on a broader scale, helping organisations to skill and support their most important asset – their people. Our interactive workplace wellness workshops and online resources focus on key workplace challenges to improve employee health and wellbeing.

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Meet Adele Sinclair, Wellness at Work Founder

Adele Sinclair is the founder, head coach and managing editor of Wellness at Work Australia.

Adele founded Wellness at Work after twice experiencing job burnout in her corporate management career. In the midst of the second experience, she discovered the surprising lack of resources available to proactively assist professional people facing workplace challenges. Thus, the idea of Wellness at Work was born.

This personal experience sparked Adele’s interest in work stress and wellbeing and led her to begin a new career path, researching strategies that help people to reduce stress, enhance their wellbeing, and to be in a position to embrace their full potential.

Through Wellness at Work, Adele now shares these strategies with organisations and individuals via talks, seminars, workshops, coaching and consulting. Presentations are delivered by Adele as Head Coach or by one of her practitioner partners.

Adele’s past career is varied and provides great background experience and empathy for understanding the issues people are facing in their workplaces. She worked in various management roles in organisations ranging from small family-owned businesses to major house-hold name corporations such as Telstra and Arnott’s Biscuits, as well as in politics, the university sector and the not-for-profit sector. She trained as a professional coach in 2003 and has a Master’s degree in Management, a Bachelors degree in Sociology, as well as other postgraduate qualifications.

Having founded Wellness at Work in 2006, Adele is on a mission to help other Australian professionals from having the same experiences of stress at work, and to help them to feel well, work well and live well.

This website was created with you in mind

Every resource on this website was created with you in mind. Every article, program and product has been designed to help professionals like you to achieve lasting wellbeing, both at work and at home.

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The good news is you really can reduce work stress and feel healthy, happy and fulfilled at work. All it takes is the intention and some mentors to guide you. If you’ll provide the first, we’ll provide the second. Let’s get started.