Feel well. Work well. Live well.

Having a clear plan and mentor guidance for achieving your goals — personalised to your situation — will give you faster and easier progress than any generic coaching program ever will.

A Wellness at Work Mentoring Membership provides you with
mentoring support and guidance to transform your work life.

You receive personalised support at a price you can afford
– so you can achieve your work and career goals faster

and easier.

  • Proactively manage work stress
  • Prevent job burnout
  • Build wellness, happiness and resilience

Build self-confidence to pursue the job, career, and impact you want

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Overcome imposter syndrome
  • Embrace your unique strengths, talents and skills

Feel confident & comfortable as a workplace leader

  • Manage and lead with confidence
  • Enhance your influence and impact
  • Build leadership presence and gravitas

Gain clarity on what you truly want for your career

Make your career dreams & goals a reality.

  • Develop a clearer career path
  • Feel more fulfilled
  • Get that promotion
  • Make your unique difference
Feel Resilient. Feel Confident. Speak Up. Stand Up. Lead. Inspire. Follow Your Gut. Follow Your Dreams. Change Your Job. Change Your Career. Make Meaning. Make Your Difference.

Who is the Wellness at Work Mentoring Membership For?

Your Host & Mentor

Hey there! I’m Adele Sinclair.

Founder & CEO,
Wellness at Work Australia

Do you feel stressed, stuck, frustrated or unfulfilled at work? Or are you wanting to do and be more but feel unsure how to go about it? If so, I can relate. I spent most of my career like that!

As a result, I’m now on a mission to help others feel healthy and happy at work, pursue meaningful career goals, and make their unique difference in the world.

Unlike coaches who use impersonal generic frameworks, I blend neuroscience and psychology with my decades of management experience to provide personalised mentoring guidance to help you reach your work and career goals.

Then, I help you to equip yourself with the skills to confidently make choices, handle challenges and embrace opportunities – so you can start exploring your potential.

Awesome outcomes.
Let yours be next.

“My biggest issue now is which opportunity to take.”
A month ago, I jumped at the chance to act in a role to cover leave period for another area within the Department.

I have now been in this role for 3 weeks and have had 2 job offers that really appeal to me.

My biggest issue now is which opportunity to take.
“I have more momentum to move forward.”
What I really enjoyed was our first session. You were upfront and genuine that I had to put in the work to get the benefit of this program and that it wasn’t going to be a magic bullet.

This has been really worth it.
I have more momentum to move forward.
“My biggest learning was identifying what makes me happy.”
My biggest learning was identifying what makes me happy and obtaining clarity regarding what’s important in my life and taking action to pursue such things.

“I feel fantastic now that my life has purpose & direction again!”

I’ve learnt a lot about myself and why I do things a certain way. I have long term goals for my future, I am in control of my life, and I feel fantastic now that my life has purpose & direction again!