A Common Self-Inflicted Pressure …and How to Let It Go

So often, we create a lot of our own stress by putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves. A common form of this is through perfectionism. Are...

When Randomness is a Good Thing

It's Random Acts of Kindness Day today, encouraging us all to do something kind for someone else, without expecting anything in return. Showing kindness to...

The 3 Phases of Stress : Know What Phase of Stress You’re In

Everybody says they are "stressed" at some stage. But not all stress is the same. That's because stress takes place in phases, and each phase...

A more effective path to positive lifestyle change

Here's an approach that's proven to help with lasting lifestyle change. It's less performance-based than the common SMART goals approach and more sustainable than new years resolutions that often don't fit into your routine

Gearing Towards the Good

Today's Wellness Wednesday tip is a very simple one. It involves a simple mindset shift you can practice everyday without it taking up time or being hard to do. The action steps will already be familiar to you ...I invite you to think about them in a new light, in terms of countering our natural negativity bias.