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For Our Free Wellness Wednesday Tips…

I just wanted to say thank you for your newsletter. Your articles always give me a sense of synchronicity that is both amazing and comforting and definitely challenge my perception of situations.

I enjoy and learn from your emails and posts more than any other similar blog. Your down to earth, practical advice is really useful. Thank you.

I really enjoy the content and look forward each week to the helpful and insightful wisdom that you share.

I read your Wellness Tips every week, and I love them. They are full of truth and accurate information for life, and have helped me.

Your emails are always so well presented and of excellent quality. They constantly encapsulate the philosophy of positive psychology which I know makes a huge difference in empowering individuals to take better care of their physical and mental health and wellbeing. I have been sharing your emails with staff in my organisation and regularly receive positive feedback about how much they are appreciated. You are making a very real difference for so many people! Thank you so much!   

Carol Atkins, Wellbeing Manager, Dept Human Services

For Our Workplace Wellness Workshops

“Adele’s facilitation of our Wellness at Work session was very well received by our employees. The workshop was fun, informative and captivating and demonstrated important elements of positive psychology in an engaging and easily to comprehend format.

I would highly recommend her program to other workplaces.”

Jackie Mears,
Senior Work Health & Safety Advisor, Avon

A valuable session. Good content with helpful information that promoted discussion in the team after the meeting. Would recommend to others.

Karen Macdonald, A/g Director, ACT Health Dental Program

Adele was friendly, easy to communicate with and presented the material well. The topic was tailored to our particular needs and current work environment. Staff were talking about strategies discussed in the workshop throughout the rest of the day.

Amy Fulthorpe, Relationships Australia NSW, Bathurst

For Our Self Confidence Mastery program…

I have had 2 job offers that really appeal to me. My biggest issue now is which one to take…

Lovely Adele,

I would really like to thank you for your awesome coaching services. It has been a while, but I have been working on all the things that we had our in-depth discussions about.

A month ago, I jumped at the chance to act in a role to cover leave period for another area within the Department. I have now been in this role for 3 weeks and have had 2 job offers that really appeal to me. My biggest issue now is which one to take.

I would like to give you some of the credit for clearing some of my negativity and inspiring me to act for me.

Confidence Coaching participant

I am in control of my life, and I feel fantastic now that my life has purpose & direction again!

I have been subscribing to Adele’s Wellness Tips newsletter for roughly 2-3 years. Being a public servant, a lot has happened at work with the change of Government and my department being abolished. I was feeling lost and disappointed both at work and at home, I was questioning what my purpose was in life.

I saw an advert in Adele’s weekly newsletter for coaching and I bit the bullet and emailed Adele. What a change it has made to my life.

With some simple strategies on how to approach situations and knowing how to use my strengths, I now have the confidence to say no and speak up at work and at home so that I’m not always sacrificing what’s important to me. I’ve learnt a lot about myself and why I do things a certain way. I have long term goals for my future, I am in control of my life, and I feel fantastic now that my life has purpose & direction again!

DR, Canberra

This course has provided me with new found insight and strategies, which I am incorporating into both my work and personal life…

I would highly recommend your self confidence program to anyone seeking to feel happier within themselves and more confident in their own abilities.

An interesting and enlightening journey in a comfortable and supportive environment, this course has provided me with new found insight and strategies, which I am incorporating into both my work and personal life.

Coaching program participant

For our “Managing for Staff Wellbeing” program…

“My biggest learning was that happiness and positivity can be learned and self-managed, and can be used to promote same for your team. I would recommend it to everyone. It’s an extremely positive and uplifting program. More people should be aware of this kind of information.”

“Very well delivered and relevant content. Enjoyed the day and positive about applying ideas to work environment.”

“The workshop was very useful and I am looking forward to going more indepth on how to achieve positive outcomes within my team.”

“I now have lots of techniques/strategies I can use to improve staff wellness. I’d recommend it to all managers, leaders, anyone who supervises staff. An excellent program – loved the video clips!!”

“It was a great workshop. I love your presentation style. Good mix of theory, practical examples and you didn’t allow individuals to dominate the air space.”

“I have an improved overall understanding of wellness and tools to use for all situations. I’d recommend it to all supervisors.”

“I learned that we are in control of how we impact other people. I have an improved awareness of the impact of my mood. Great workshop. Thank you.

“My biggest learning is the power of your own attitude on your team and others around you”

“Very well structured with good contextualisation. This is excellent and should be mandatory for all managers.”

For Our Online Wellness Programs…

I spoke to a woman today that I have known for a while… This is the first time I’ve seen her since she give birth 6 weeks ago. I listened to her, asked better questions and gave her advice on resilience and calming/breathing techniques… also helped her appreciate what she has right now and suggested ways of helping her reconnect with her husband through this difficult time… In the end, she said to me… “I’ve known you for more than a year and we have never had conversations like this before… what has happened to you!?!” I laughed and told her I was taking a happiness course! … then flicked her your web details.

“I benefited from the exercises leading to the development of an overall plan that has strategies you can use every day. I’d recommend it to many people – my fellow managers at work, my family – many people.”

“The materials are great!”

“I got a lot out of the masterclass and am very much hoping I am motivated to continue using the strategies. I now have an increase in gratitude and an awareness of my strengths. I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in becoming happier.”

Hi Adele, just wanted to thank you for this kick start into greater happiness and fulfillment. I am taking so much away with me. Happiness is so powerful in overall health… mind, body and soul. It is worth investing in more than we do.

It’s an easy/user friendly way (online in your home, easy to understand) to stop and be reminded of what and how to have more happiness in life.

I’d recommend it because it’s comprehensive, approachable, relevant to our daily lives, practical and hands-on, and gives great theoretical background information.

A nice easing into awareness, self reflection and growth in a not confronting space. Great for beginners and old hands alike as the knowledge is timeless and relevant.

It’s a great introduction to positive psychology and gives lots of great resources for you to put into practice. Abigail

I would recommend it. I would tell people it’s about investing time in themselves to allow them to get more out of life (in ways they’ve probably never even thought of).

It’s a great programme with great resources, not too long for each session and loved the homework. The resources area is very useful. Very practical, easy to understand and implement into my life and my family’s. Thank you so much! I’d recommend it because it’s comprehensive, approachable, relevant to our daily lives, practical and hands-on, and gives great theoretical background information.  Sandra

Another enjoyable and practical session, like all sessions. I’ve found it calming just tuning in each week and refocusing on key strategies for life and happiness.

It was very well done. Good reinforcement of range of important strategies for healthy and happy life and improved life balance; high quality evidence-based information, good practical exercises.  Sandy

Enlightening, simple tips. I think even if someone is thriving, they could still learn one or two simple things to thrive even more. Really fantastic! The hard work begins now though to put it all into practice.

“My biggest learning was identifying what makes me happy and obtaining clarity regarding what’s important in my life and taking action to pursue such things. I would recommend [the masterclass] to anyone and everyone as I am certain anyone would learn alot from this class. Thank you Adele! The class, structure and delivery surpassed my expectations.”