Supported: Psychologist Support for Individuals

If you want to feel calmer, happier, less stressed, and more in control, this program will give you personalised support and guidance towards that goal.

You’ll get private 1-1 coaching with our Wellness at Work Psychologist to equip and empower you to handle the challenges of the modern workplace and modern life.

This is particularly helpful if you are…

•    Feeling sensitive to stress or experiencing burnout
•    Having persistent low moods
•    Anxious
•    Feeling overwhelmed
•    Having relationship issues, professionally or personally
•    Not achieving your career goals
•    Having trouble adjusting to change
•    Struggling in a toxic workplace

You’ll come away with…

•    New understanding and skills that help you to stay calm, comfortable and in-control
•    Helpful habits that help you build a strong personal foundation of wellbeing and optimism
•    Targeted strategies for tackling challenging situations in your work and life
•    Greater understanding of yourself, your relationships and your communication style

How it works…

Six consultations via phone or Skype, typically scheduled fortnightly. You do not need a referral.

Getting started…

If this coaching sounds like it is a good fit for you, contact us today to make a booking or to ask any questions. Your enquiry will be treated as confidential.

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