• Use the proven power of mindfulness and meditation to stay cool & calm at work
  • Equip yourself to handle common stressful work situations
  • Calm your feelings of work stress in under 10 minutes

As we all know, work can all too often present us with challenging situations, “opportunities” that test our self-confidence, and relationships that need to be carefully navigated. And these often involve feelings of stress.

Whether it’s stress that comes from an overly busy schedule, a difficult colleague, a traffic jam, or a mountain of bills you don’t know how you’re going to pay – your body is wired to react in the same way as if it was facing a life or death situation.

This stress reaction doesn’t only ruin your everyday life and emotional wellbeing, it also has the power to slowly poison you, along with the quality of your life. Literally. Learning how to manage stress is one of the most important life skills we can learn.

The good news is, mindfulness and meditation are proven to reduce stress and anxiety, boost happiness and calm, and assist with higher work performance and energy.

Cool & Calm is a collection of 10 guided meditation tracks that harness the power of mindfulness and tie it directly to common work challenges – helping you to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety or frustration, and feel calmer, quickly and easily.

At under 10 minutes each, these meditations fit easily into a busy workday and help you to manage common stressful situations – from a place of calm and centredness. You simply keep the collection on your phone, go somewhere private, choose the relevant meditation for you at the time, and listen, relax and regroup.

By taking time to practice mindfulness during your work breaks, on your commute home (if you aren’t driving!), or whenever suits you best, you’ll be able to quickly calm and re-centre yourself and put your best foot forward – both at work and at home.

The Cool & Calm collection will help you with…

  1. Calming Down Quickly
  2. Re-centering Yourself
  3. Finding the Positive When Feeling Negative
  4. Quieting Your ‘Busy Brain’
  5. Giving Yourself Care & Compassion
  6. Building Self Trust
  7. Dealing With A Difficult Situation
  8. Interacting With A Difficult Person
  9. Relaxing and Unwinding After Work
  10. Relaxing and Unwinding For Sleep

That’s over an hour of workplace-focussed mindfulness meditations in bite-sized pieces.

Take control of your work stress. Empower yourself with a simple, quick and private way to handle your workday challenges and build your wellbeing.

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BONUS – Video Guidance from Mindfulness Experts

In addition to the Cool & Calm meditations collection, you’ll also receive access to expert guidance on using mindfulness practices in your workday. These are…

  • Mindfulness in Action: How to Keep Calm in Stressful Work Situations with mindfulness meditation teacher Fiorella Kis-Major
  • How to Get The Most From Your Work Breaks: Using Mindfulness to Refresh Yourself Quickly and Easily with mindfulness expert Cath Grey
  • Understanding the Mind-Body Connection for Increased Confidence, Memory & Happiness with psychologist Therese Sheedy

You can watch the videos, download the mp3 audio files to listen again later, and keep the downloadable pdf transcripts as easy reference guides.