Enabling Employee Wellbeing

Whether you want to attract and retain great people, support your people to work well, or improve your organisation’s performance, employee wellbeing is the pathway to achieving it.

Employee wellbeing and resilience are crucial for people to work to their full potential and for organisations to achieve high performance and retain talent.

Individuals can’t thrive without it. That means organisations can’t either.

Employee wellbeing is now recognised as serious business. Research shows that employees who are happy and well will take more initiative, are better collaborators, and care more about their work.

If you want to engage and energise your people, you need look no further than employee wellbeing. It underpins higher levels of engagement, happiness, and performance. It affects the number of sick days people take, their job performance, stress levels and the likelihood that they will resign and leave their organisation.

Employee Wellbeing Matters

How many of these could your organisation benefit from?

Higher levels of work performance, productivity and effectiveness
Increased resilience to stress and burnout
Greater job satisfaction leading to better retention
Fewer unplanned absences and lower presenteeism
Organisational resilience to change
Lower Work Health & Safety claim risk

The Challenge

Modern workplaces often present frequent change while also requiring us to function at high levels both professionally and personally.

As a result, the risks of stress, anxiety and exhaustion are ever present.

Employees need to have high levels of wellbeing to be able to deliver high levels of performance.

Many employees are not equipped to handle the challenges to their health and wellbeing that modern work and life present.


of employees report moderate to high stress levels

Of those, 40%

had psychological distress levels considered to be “at-risk” of developing a mental disorder or illness

And 20%

of Australians took time off work in the past 12 months because they felt stressed, anxious, depressed or mentally unhealthy

The Solution

The Wellness at Work Core Skills Jumpstart


Our Wellness at Work Core Skills Jumpstart informs, inspires and empowers your people to build their mental health and wellbeing literacy, and learn the fundamental strategies for handling the challenges of the modern workplace and modern life.

It provides the key principles and strategies that your team members need to know for a fundamental understanding of how to build and maintain their mental health and wellbeing at work.

Training delivered in bite-sized chunks and available 24/7 – whenever your employees are best able to learn.


Start Equipping Your Employees for Wellbeing Today

With strategies to help every part of your team or organisation to work with a workplace culture of wellbeing, and our support team excited to help you, boosting employee wellbeing in your workplace has never been easier.