Taking a Different Approach to Valentines Day for Greater Wellbeing

“If you want to be a rebel, be kind” ~ Pancho Ramos Stierle

Usually, our first instinct around Valentines Day is to focus on one special person. Have you ever considered using the occasion in a different way and widening your perspective beyond your inner circle? What if we used this time of year to celebrate and build positive relationships with those around us?

Research tells us that we are social beings and our relationships are key to good health, wellbeing and happiness.

So let’s ponder for a moment….

What would your work culture feel like if every person took some time to invest into a positive work relationships? Whether with a coworker, the woman sitting across from you, the person who pays your wages or the new guy in HR.

Imagine a world where building real, positive, trusting and reciprocal connections became a priority. You would feel connected. Connected to your team. Connected to your workmates. Connected to those around you, and consequently, more connected within yourself.

Action Steps

How can you start to connect with those around you? Kindness is an easy yet powerful way.

Here are some simple ways to get started…

1. Kindness starts at home
It’s easier to be kind to others when you’re kind to yourself. Consider…how can you be kinder to yourself? Look inward before progressing outward.

2. Let go of judgement
Acceptance is a kindness that we all crave in different ways. People are who they are. So let go of any judgements and allow others to make mistakes and learn from them. And this includes you! 🙂

3. Listen deeply
Often overlooked, listening is the simplest way to offer kindness. Everyone wants to be heard. Listen with an open mind and heart. Try not to make the common error of trying to fix people’s problems. Fixing isn’t always the outcome they seek. What people will appreciate is your full attention and interest. Sometimes that’s all they need.

Every act of kindness has a ripple effect – you could start something wonderful!

How could you be a ‘rebel’ by being kind?

Adele Sinclair is a wellness coach and trainer who focuses on mental wellbeing at work. She has a background in management and experienced job burnout twice as a result of ongoing work stress. If you liked this article, you'll love Adele's coaching programs to help you with strategies for a great worklife.