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How to Reduce Self Doubt at Work

How would you rate your confidence at work out of ten? Do you sometimes feel like you're not up to the challenges that your work throws your way? If you feel that way, don't be hard on yourself. It's natural and normal. We all feel that way at different times - it's just the situation and the extent that varies. Here are some ways you can reduce self doubt at work so it doesn't hold you back from being all you can be and doing all you want to do.

How To Let Work Stress Go

This approach helps you to prevent feelings of work stress and also to let them go once they come up. You can use it when you’re feeling overwhelmed with work, when you’re worrying about something, and when you're having trouble relaxing and switching off from work. Or simply as a positive practice that helps to increase your wellbeing in both body and mind!

How to Stop Wasting Your Energy

Do you have unfinished tasks that frustrate, depress or drag on your mental energy because they're not done? If so, this tip is for you.

How to Stay Cool in Moments of Pressure

Pressure and stress are all too common situation in today's modern workplaces. The good news is that there are some easy ways to help you to respond well and stay as cool as possible under pressure.

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Using the Power of Neuroscience Towards Achieving Your Goals

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A 3-Step Approach for Reducing Overwhelm

The feeling of overwhelm is particularly prevalent amongst working women. We're often juggling work commitments with family commitments, friends, our health and fitness… and...

Limiting the Effects of Toxic People on Your Wellbeing

We're often reminded of the importance of limiting harmful toxins for our body. There are warning labels on certain foods, documentaries made, and even...

5 Habits of Highly Stressed People (and What to Do Instead)

Out of 10, how stressed do you feel at the moment? I hope it's a low number! If it's not, today's tip is designed...

When You Hate Your Job But Can’t Quit

Here’s the thing... we're often told to ‘do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life’. That would be lovely...

How to Be Resilient to Rejection at Work

As we all know, rejection hurts. It's true whether it's as a teenager with your first crush or as an adult in the workplace....

Mental Health: An Inspiring Story We Can All Learn From

One of the most positive developments in the area of wellbeing over the past few years is the number of high profile people sharing their experiences with mental health challenges. Earlier this week one of the highest ranking people in the Australian Federal Police, Commander Grant Edwards, shared his mental health journey on the television program Australian Story. It's an inspiring story that we can all learn from.