I Don’t Have Time: 15-Minute Ways to Shape a Life You Love (Review)

Book Review – I Don’t Have Time: 15 Minute Ways To Shape A Life You Love
Emma Grey & Audrey Thomas
Exisle Publishing, 2017, 211 pages

I Don’t Have Time: 15 Minute Ways To Shape A Life You Love is a great book. It’s full of useful ‘experiments’, delivered quickly without fluff and filler. It explores five common “Mindset Gremlins” that underpin our feelings of not having enough time. And on top of these, the authors even stories of their struggles with particular topics and the lessons they learned along the way. They even share lists of their “inventories of failures”. It’s refreshing and relatable; a reminder that we are not alone in our failures, foibles, and challenges.

According to the authors, the ‘My 15 Minutes’ approach is about gently overcoming our natural urge to put things off at the slightest hurdle. It’s about challenging the self-talk that gets in the way of us pushing through obstacles, the “I’ll do it later” promises we make to ourselves without following through (page 16).

Here are just 3 of the 35 ‘experiments’ to choose from – all simple, well worth doing, and doable within 15 minutes…

Experiment 7 – Create your 15 minute playlist – songs you know are going to inspire you into action… In the future, when you hear this music, it will serve as a prompt to remember that great things can be accomplished in 15-minute bundles.

Experiment 23 – Spend 15 minutes ‘picking your battles’. Write a list of all the things that currently frustrate you about the behaviour of others, then circle the ones that matter most. Cross off the behaviours that matter less and decide to let them go. It really is that simple.

Experiment 35 – Spend 15 minutes deciding on 12 mini-adventures (or fun challenges) you are going to commit to over the next year. Start by writing down at least 12 activities you’d like to try, places to visit or experiences you’d like to enjoy. Jot down all the things about which you’ve ever thought “one day I’ll do that” (or go there). Then make a commitment to yourself to start planning for these fun challenges, each and every month. These mini adventures don’t need to be expensive or difficult; they can be free and right on your doorstep …skateboarding, hiking, riding your bike… Whatever it is, have fun and enjoy the gift of living that you’re giving to yourself.

This is a book that you can easily dip in and out of – it doesn’t need to be read in a linear way from the beginning. It’s a practical and relatable guide for building meaning and connection into everyday life.

If you’re wanting more fulfilment in life, more ‘me time’, or simply a respite from overload and overwhelm, then I Don’t Have Time is worth the read.



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