How To Counter Natural Negativity

With the Australia Day holiday tomorrow, today’s Wellness Wednesday tip is a very simple one. It involves a simple mindset shift you can practice on Australia Day and everyday without it taking up time or being hard to do. The action steps will already be familiar to you …I invite you to think about them in a new light, in terms of countering our natural negativity bias.

Gearing Towards the Good…

While many see tomorrow as a reason to kick back and relax or revel in the family-friendly activities around the country, Australia Day is also an excellent opportunity to be mindful of a phenomenon that often impacts on our wellbeing: negativity bias.

Negativity bias is part of our survival instinct. It’s the tendency of the human brain to focus on negative events and perceptions, and to dwell on the bad rather than the good.

To counter this negativity bias and cultivate a sense of wellbeing and happiness, we need to actively and intentionally seek out and focus on the positives – whether in ourselves, our jobs, our lives, or our nation.

This involves shifting our focus onto what’s strong, rather than on what’s wrong. Acknowledging the negatives but not allowing them to overwhelm, blind, or consume us.

Action Steps…

Here are three simple and interconnected ways that you can counter your negativity bias and gear yourself towards wellbeing and happiness on Australia Day…and every day!

1. Appreciate. It seems basic yet we often get so wrapped up in the negatives bogging us down that we forget the many wonderful things in our life, work, and home that give us our wellbeing. Take a moment to look for and appreciate them. Don’t take the good in your life for granted.

2. Celebrate the good. It’s easy to be passively grateful but often we don’t actively express our gratitude or spend time celebrating our blessings. Try to take some time to actively appreciate and celebrate the great things in and around your life.

3. Enjoy! Have fun with your friends, family, or community and get into the community spirit! Doing things that make us happy and meaningfully connect us with others helps to build a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.

What good things do you have in your life at the moment?