Conversations For Life: Understanding The Risk Factors & Warning Signs of Emerging Mental Health Issues & Suicide Risk

This talk will outline the key risk factors and warning signs of developing mental health issues and suicide risk.

You’ll learn what you can do if you encounter someone with increased risk of suicide, to help the situation before it becomes a crisis.

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About Glenn Baird, OzHelp FoundationGlenn Baird-2

Glenn Baird is the Support Services Manager at the OzHelp Foundation.

OzHelp Foundation is a national men’s mental health organisation which aims to prevent the suicide of working men by supporting them in workplaces to be more resilient and confident in meeting life’s challenges, providing services to 34,000 people each year.

OzHelp was founded in 2001 after the suicide of young Canberra man, David O’Bryan. David’s mother Lorraine worked with local organisations to put in place support services targeted at young men working in the construction industries, to help prevent other families experiencing the same loss.

OzHelp’s focus is still male-dominated industries such as building and construction, along with mining, trades and automotive industries. It is precisely because men are traditionally less likely to seek help that we seek them out and provide mental health support and training in their workplace, along with counselling.

OzHelp offers training and support services to both men and women in workplaces, including Employee Health and Wellbeing Programs. OzHelp’s suicide prevention and other wellbeing programs can be licenced by employers. Train the Trainer services are also provided.

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Mindfulness in Action: How to Keep Calm in Stressful Work Situations

Fiorella Kis-Major worked in a corporate setting for 15 over years. Her career was mainly centred around the media industry, and she credits mindfulness with allowing her to navigate the often turbulent waters.

In this talk, Fiorella will provide you with practical and insightful tips on keeping calm and centred in situations where you feel like being anything but.

About Fiorella Kis-Major, Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher

Fiorella Kis-Major is a passionate advocate of people viewing self-care as a necessity, not a luxury.

A former corporate animal for 15 years, Fiorella has worked for multinational media and entertainment companies spanning from advertising to music, until she decided to transition into her purpose – to be of service to womankind.

As the founder and owner of The Nourishing Goddess, Fiorella provides heart felt services as an International Women’s Wellness Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Writer and Speaker. She holds an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching from Nature Care College, Sydney.

Having been featured in leading industry media, including Inspired Coach magazine, Bondi Beach Radio and The Daily Guru blog, Fiorella works with women from all across the globe to nourish the goddess within. Her mission is for womankind to realise the importance of filling up your own cup, from the inside out.

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Anxiety & Depression: Understanding the Signs and Symptoms…And When It’s Time to Seek Help

Based on research and clinical work with almost 20,000 people, Professor Titov will explore the difference between healthy and unhealthy symptoms of stress, anxiety, and low mood, and when to get help.

You’ll learn three core principles of staying emotionally healthy, examples of common symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as helpful strategies for staying well.

After listening, please leave a comment to share what tips or ideas you’re taking from this session. We’d love to hear what’s helpful for you!

About Professor Nick Titov, Clinical Psychologist

Professor Nick Titov – Psychologist, Co-Director eCentre Clinic Mancquarie University, Project Director MindSpot Australia

Professor Nick Titov – Psychologist, Co-Director eCentre Clinic Mancquarie University, Project Director MindSpot Australia

Professor Nick Titov is passionate about increasing access to mental health services. Nick is Co-Director of the eCentreClinic at Macquarie University. The eCentreClinic is a research unit that develops and evaluates internet-delivered treatments for common mental disorders. Nick has been involved in more than 60 clinical trials of internet-delivered treatments involving more than 6,000 people, with excellent outcomes.

Nick is also Project Director of the MindSpot Clinic, an Australian national digital mental health service that provides virtual assessment and treatment for adults with anxiety and depression. MindSpot employs a team of 50 people and since 2013, has provided services to more than 50,000 Australian adults, many of whom were not able to access traditional face-to-face mental health services.

Nick is also a Clinical Psychologist, he serves on the New South Wales Board of the Psychology Board of Australia, and he advises NGOs and Government about safe and effective use of digital mental health services. Nick has published more than 100 peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals. He has also received more than $30 million in research and project funding in the last 5 years.

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How Physical Activity & Exercise Supports Your Mental Health

Physical activity and exercise can play an important role in enhancing wellbeing and preventing or managing poor mental health.

In this interview, psychologist and physical activity researcher Dr Nicola Burton outlines the relationships between physical activity and mental health and shares simple strategies to help you stick to an activity plan.

About Dr Nicola Burton, Psychologist & Senior Research Fellow

Dr Nicola Burton – Psychologist & Senior Research Fellow, University of Queensland

Dr Nicola Burton – Psychologist & Senior Research Fellow, University of Queensland

Nicola is a registered psychologist with endorsements in clinical and health psychology. She has experience as a clinician and university lecturer, and as a researcher she studies physical activity/exercise patterns, influences, interventions, and links with health and wellbeing. She is a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

After graduating with a Masters in Clinical Psychology from The University of Queensland (UQ), Nicola practiced as a consultant psychologist in the areas of employee assistance and vocational/psychiatric rehabilitation; with a specific focus on stress and anxiety disorders, and self-management/behaviour change programs.

Moving to an academic career, she has developed and delivered courses in areas related to health psychology, public health and health promotion. Nicola completed a PhD in public health and has extensive experience in the management and administration of research projects, including literature reviews, cross-sectional and longitudinal studies, population-based survey studies, intervention and randomised controlled trials, and interview and focus groups.

Nicola is interested in the influences on physical activity; physical activity interventions (in particular behavioural counselling) to promote mental and physical health; and the association between physical activity/sedentary behaviour and well-being.

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