5 Simple Ways To Become More Positive

How optimistic are you?

Research has shown that people who think optimistically are happier, healthier, live longer and have better relationships. When dealing with difficulties in their lives, they also experience less distress and anxiety than pessimistic people do.

Optimism is sometimes dismissed as “pollyanna” positive thinking, where you deny the negative things going on or put on a veneer to pretend everything is okay.

That’s not optimism. That’s kidding yourself.

Real optimism is looking for the best in a situation. It also involves an expectation that, overall, you will achieve positive outcomes and experience a positive future, despite any negatives.

Being optimistic involves realistically seeing both the negative AND the positives in a situation whereas being pessimistic usually involves only seeing the negatives and dismissing or discounting the positives.

Action Steps

Here are some things you can do each day to practice being optimistic:

1. Broaden Your Perspective

A lot of stress can be traced back to unrealistic or distorted thinking. When you find yourself fixated on one negative thing or going over a difficult situation in your head over and over, it’s time to get some balance. Deliberately shift your perspective from being narrowly focused on one thing, to a broader view of your overall situation.

Ask yourself: “What’s the big picture?”, or “At the same time as this is happening, what is going well?”

2. Monitor your self-talk

Think about how you talk to yourself. Is it positive or do you judge yourself harshly? So often we speak much more harshly to ourselves than we would to others. Speak kindly and positively to yourself, as you would to a friend.

3. Let the past go

We can’t change the past but we can stop it from happening again. When we keep dwelling on the past, we’re only bringing past hurts or mistakes into our present. Take the lessons that you learned from your past experiences and move forward with positive expectations for the future.

4. Be grateful

Researchers have found that spending time dwelling on what is good in your life is a proven way to increase your happiness and sense of wellbeing for sustained periods. It strengthens the memories of these good experiences in your brain as well as releasing positive hormones that make you feel good. Practice it daily and you will become more positive and optimistic. Guaranteed.

5. Find positive people to spend time with

Attitudes are contagious. Being around others who have a good attitude can give your own optimism a boost. We feed off the energy of other people so try to surround yourself with as many positive people as possible.

There will always be ups and downs in life. Remember, it’s usually through the times that are hard or uncomfortable that we really grow. Developing an optimistic mindset will help you to enjoy good times more, whilst also assisting you to stay mentally well during hard times.

Which of these could you choose to do today?  

Inspiration: Simple, inexpensive postcards for your workspace

You’ve probably read articles that make wellbeing sound easy, right?

The fact is, wellbeing is a moment to moment, day to day life project, isn’t it? We all know that we should eat well, stay positive, reduce stress and relax but sometimes it’s not a lack of information that causes us trouble.

Simply put – we forget! We forget during a hectic day at the office or out in the field that our wellbeing needs attention throughout our entire day and evening. It can’t be put on hold until we get home. The trick is to remember.

Wellness at Work has designed a gentle, effective solution for remembering your wellness throughout your day. We created these gorgeous, colourful, inspiring postcards.

Each one has a serene image on one side and some helpful wellness tips on the other. The messages provide short, useful messages for daily wellness at work and at home. The tone is gentle and the instructions contain clear, doable action steps.

We understand that wellness improvements usually happen when we take small, simple steps each day. Wellness is not an extreme sport – it’s a gentle nudge, a small change with consistent effort – encouraging ourselves forward with kindness and fun.

We first developed these cards for a special event and the response was so overwhelmingly positive we decided to offer them in an ongoing way. They make great gifts and rewards during a workplace event, a friendly team building competition or a ‘just because’ surprise for a friend or colleague.

Employers can include them in new employee orientations or with HR signing packages or workplace gym memberships. These cards send a message of support for employee wellbeing and set a corporate tone of making employee health and wellness a priority from day one.

You could pass them around at your yoga class, the gym or your hobby group. Your children’s teachers might like them too. If you find other places they are appreciated, do let us know, so we can share the ideas!


The Wellness Postcards were a HUGE success with my staff :)
I have mounted one of the postcards and it sits on my desk as a beautiful reminder throughout my day to ‘Choose well.’ I am implementing some positive changes into my life – your beautiful postcard inspires me. Thank you.

Alison Fitzsimmons, Manager, Tutor Matters


Set of 30 cards (6 packs with one of each design), free delivery within Australia