In a funk? Ten ways to shake it off.

Ever woken up in just a funky mood? Or gotten two hours into your day and already wishing you had your make up off and were hiding under the covers? Or just want to go to a deserted beach someplace so no one can find you again….ever?

Sure you have. Me too. And let’s be real – funky funk is not the place you want to be energy wise.

When you need to shift your energy but you can’t go hide watching funny movies all day, here are ten ways to quickly shift it. Trust me, they work.

1. Get upside down – anyway you can. Headstand, legs up the wall pose, downward dog, or just bend down to touch your toes and stay there for 30 seconds to 2 minutes (bend your knees if you have to). Change your perspective and let the blood rush to your head and flow out that bad mood.

2. Sniff something – well, not just anything. Get some uplifting oils to have on hand when you need a burst of goodness. For this purpose I like Orange, Lemon, Peppermint or some Frankincense to bring on happy vibes.

3. Laugh – watch a quick YouTube video that makes you laugh – you might need headphones if you’re in the office! Shit Yogis Say is one of my favs – this one in particular.

4. Phone a friend – ring that girlfriend who you can laugh at the silliest things with, sure to get your blood moving.

5. Do what you love – spend ten minutes doing something you just love. For me this morning, it’s writing this post for you (and sniffing my oils as I go).

6. Dance – nothing like a quick impromptu dance party in the kitchen or anywhere (I’ve been known to do them in the supermarket) to shift your stuff fast! Loud music, five minutes, go for it.

7. Sing it sista – top of your lungs, don’t care about who’s listening, and yes you can make it Taylor Swift if you want too……shake it off – literally (yes I love that song).

8. Hug something – a tree, a person, your boss, a pet. A two minute hug gets that Serotonin and all your happy hormones racing, so grab someone and hold on (my son hates it when I do this….but gotta get my two minutes!).

9. Dream – spend five minutes in your happy day dream place. Lying on a beach, trekking in the Himalayas, exploring New York, attending an amazing conference filled with creative people, publishing that book you are secretly working on. Get your day dream on and feel your happy coming back.

10. If all else fails – there’s always coffee!

There you go – ten things to try so your funk doesn’t stand a chance. You’re welcome.