Stand Up For Your Health

Everyone knows that sitting is the new smoking. Research has clearly shown that prolonged sitting is bad for our health and can take years off your life span. That’s a lot of scary information that really doesn’t help you much.

Follow these practical steps to get moving at work without impacting your productivity…

1.  Stand up for Your Health

Stand up desks are becoming the new norm in work places across Australia. You can get expensive and fancy with a special motorised desk or you can make your own. Ikea sells a wooden multi level elevation platform that sits on top of your normal desk. Your computer screen sits on the highest level at eye level, keyboard at arm height and mouse off to one side. It’s the perfect ergonomic set up for good posture and comfort.

Often workplaces have work health and safety rules in which you need to abide by. Talk to your supervisor to see if desk modifications are allowed in your workplace. Often it takes one person to make the change before everyone else wants in on the fun. Workplaces have been known to then catch on and follow the trend with replacing desks with standing stations in an effort to keep employees healthier.

2. Take a Theraband to Work

Add posture and strength training to your workday. If standing desks aren’t an option, take a Theraband to work. There are so many exercises you can do with a resistance band whilst seated in the chair. You might try to do bicep curls whilst reading a lengthy document or side arm raises whilst taking a phone call.

3. Swap your chair for a Fit-ball

Swapping your chair for a Fit-ball might not seem like a big change, however it will provide a lot more muscle activation than sitting on a static chair. Often you will find yourself bouncing around, standing up to readjust and activating your core muscles to keep steady on the ball. All of this extra incidental movement will help you stay active and your metabolism fired up.

4. Take Walking Meetings

If your workplace allows, schedule your meetings with individuals as walking meetings or use your coffee break to take a stroll around the office or neighborhood. Getting outdoors increases creativity and exercise may increase your alertness. These are all attributes we need to think better and be more productive.

Adding movement to your workday may take a little bit of forward thinking, but your health will thank you for it!

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