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Adele Sinclair, Founder & Managing Director of Wellness at Work Australia
Adele Sinclair, Founder & Managing Director of Wellness at Work Australia

Looking back, I’ve always been a bookworm. And although it’s not a fashionable thing to say, I have always loved libraries.

When I was growing up, there was just my mother and I and there was very little money. Every Wednesday afternoon we’d go to the library and for that hour or so… I felt very rich. I’d feast on the wealth of book choices and the smorgasbord of ideas, stories and food for the mind and soul.

It’s really no different now, except the location and that now I can also buy the books I want to keep.

Similarly, when I was in primary school, when show and tell was happening, I’d always be the one volunteering with yet another book to share. That hasn’t changed much either, except the people I share my information with are much more interested than a rowdy group of primary schoolers.

I attribute the development of my lifelong love of learning and teaching to those joyous library visits, and the example and encouragement of my mother, who always had a book close by throughout my childhood.

Although it’s early days now,  I am building this site to be a library of resources to help you to feel well, work well and live well – all accessible wherever you are, whenever you like, 24/7/365.

Work is such as crucial part of our everyday lives. It makes up the majority of our waking hours and affects every aspect of our lives – our health, relationships, time, fulfillment in life and development as individuals. Too many people are unhappy and stressed at work – over a third of working Australians according to a recent survey.

With a growing collection of quality articles and downloadable resources, this site is quickly becoming the key place for Australian professionals to access information, guidance, resources and experts on all matters related to building and maintaining your wellness at work.

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