Helping Organisations to Skill & Support Their People

Wellness at Work provides wellness guidance, support and resources to individuals and organisations to help them work well.

Our approach is different to other corporate wellness companies. Rather than focusing narrowly on physical health or a single topic such as mindfulness, Wellness at Work’s programs and presentations provide broad support for the whole person – including their mental, emotional, and social wellbeing, their resilience to stress, their work fulfilment – equipping them to deal with the many challenges of modern work and life.

Wellness at Work will work with you to deliver a workplace wellness initiative that can make a lasting positive difference to your employees and your organisation.

Both online and in-workplace options are available.

Online Wellness Training – Making Employee Support Simpler & Easier for Employers

We aim to make workplace wellness training simpler and easier for employers. Through a simple subscription to our online content, your organisation can provide a wide range of live, on-demand, and downloadable content to your employees – without training disruption or training equity issues across roles, locations and shifts.

And it’s very affordable compared to traditional small group training!

Wellness at Work’s workplace wellness solution is convenient for employees to access whilst also being affordable for employers. It works equally well as a standalone program or as a complement to other wellness initiatives, either -in-person or online.

Our online wellness training and resource hub provides a growing range of wellness-related programs and resources to help employees feel well, work well, and live well.

Lunch & Learn – Onsite Wellness Workshops

With modern workplaces being so busy, it can be hard to set aside time for training. And when it comes to workplace wellness programs, there’s typically different levels of interest in particular topics.

That’s why lunch-and-learn style presentations are so helpful. They enable people to access information, tools and resources on wellness topics that are relevant to them, during their normal workday – no disruption, no travelling, no additional time after work involved.

Wellness at Work provides a wide range of wellness talks and workshops to suit a range of needs and interests.

Here’s a small sample of what we can offer you…
  • Tips & Tricks for Great Nutrition
  • Building Your Mental Wellbeing at Work & in Life
  • Simple Shifts for More Energy at Work & in Life
  • Tips & Tricks for High Performance & Productivity
  • Building Great Relationships
  • Finding Calm & Balance
  • Managing Stress and Building Resilience

Interactive seminars can be developed on any topic and tailored to suit your team or organisation. All sessions include time for questions and discussion. The duration can be adjusted to your needs.

Wellness at Work can also provide other wellness resources to support your wellness initiatives. These include our Healthy Workdays recipe book, which has been used by employers as an engagement tool to supplement and extend wellness events. These have been used for employee challenges, as prizes, and as a basis for staff lunches.

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 Why Invest in Employee Wellbeing?


Employee wellbeing is a key pathway for organisations to achieve higher levels of staff performance, engagement and retention.


It improves both individual performance and teamwork, leads to lower turnover and is a key to attracting talent.


Employee wellbeing is related to:
•    Higher levels of work performance, productivity and engagement
•    Increased resilience to stress and burnout
•    Greater job satisfaction
•    Better teamwork and customer service
•    Lower unplanned absences and resignation rates
•    Organisational resilience to change
•    Lower Work Health & Safety claim risk


Employee wellbeing used to be seen as a “nice to have but not essential”. Now it’s been proven to be an essential factor for achieving optimal organisational performance.


Some Of The Evidence


•    In a two-year study published in the Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science, it was found that psychological wellbeing reliably predicts job performance.


•    A five year study of psychological wellbeing and performance showed a strong correlation between wellbeing and work performance. (Cropanzano and Wright, 2001)


•    Healthy employees average 1-2 sick days per annum versus 18 days for those in the lowest health and wellbeing category. (Medibank Private/Vie Life Report)


•    The most unhealthy employees are productive for only about 49 hours out of each month compared to around 140 hours/month for the most healthy. (Medibank Private/Vie Life Report)


•    In nearly 8000 separate business units in 36 companies, employee engagement/wellbeing correlated with business unit performance in the areas of absences, customer satisfaction, productivity, and employee turnover.  (Harter, Schmidt and Hayes, 2002)


–   Analysis by Price Waterhouse Coopers shows that for every dollar a business invests in effective mental health initiatives, it receives an average return of $2.30.