Maintaining Your Wellbeing Despite End of Year Busyness

As we approach the pointy end of 2017, our minds and bodies dream of slowing down.

Unfortunately, the deadlines and demands placed on us prior make a towel on the beach feel like an ever-dangling carrot. There is usually one last ‘big idea’ being worked on, panic to fit in ever more meetings and the pressure to reach a concrete decision on strategy prior to office doors closing for two ominous weeks. Not to mention the work and client parties, which can actually make us feel more uncomfortable than we’d like to admit.

The lead up to our time off is also married with an ever filling social calendar, family commitments and financial gymnastics. All of this can leave us feeling, well, a little bit like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Here are 3 survival strategies to help you through the season:

1. The Power of ‘No’
You don’t have to accept every invitation or request for your time – during Christmas, or otherwise. We might have Fear Of Missing Out, but your body will actually thank you for it. If you have a plethora of client functions on, narrow it down to the top 3 or 4, and politely say ‘No’ to the rest. Make rest more of a priority, and view this as an investment in your health and state of mind.

2. Stick to Your Usual Routines
This is not the time to skip any wellness practices you have incorporated into your life. If you go to a yoga class, jog, meditate, cross fit, walk – don’t stop. Our bodies are machines of habit, and exercise helps to lower stress levels, improves our mood and boosts energy levels. Sounds like exactly what we need this time of year!

3. Mindful Eating
As tempting as it can be to make the most of the free flow of food and alcohol, just remember how you feel at the end! According to the Fitness Industry Association, 12% of all gym members sign up in January, yet after just 24 weeks most people have quit or stopped attending. Save yourself the money and the hassle – allow moderation to be your friend. It’s not about depriving yourself, but making smarter choices. Follow every drink with a glass of water and avoid going to functions hungry.

Finishing the year off on a healthy, vibrant high will support you so much more into a prosperous 2018. You can also encourage your colleagues and loved ones to support or even join you on your journey!

What are your favourite ways to stay sane during end of year madness?

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