Increase Your Wellbeing and Reap the (Many) Benefits!

How would you rate your overall wellbeing out of ten?

If you rated yourself with room for increasing your wellbeing, you’re not alone. Most of us would like to have more energy, feel calm, to enjoy positive relationships and to generally live our best lives.

Our wellbeing affects every aspect of our lives – how clearly and rationally we think, how positive we are emotionally, our physical health, our relationships, our achievements, and our resilience to stress.

The good news is that there are many ways to boost your wellbeing and there are many benefits to doing so.

At work, in particular, increasing wellbeing produces many positive benefits for the individual person and their organisation.

The Benefits For Individuals

1. More positive and optimistic thinking. Worry, anxiety and depression are reduced.
2. Increased physical and mental wellbeing, as well as happier and more content.
3. Greater resilience to stress so it is experienced less often and less intensely.
4. Higher energy, focus, stamina, performance and productivity.
5. More interested, motivated and engaged with work.
6. Deeper levels of job satisfaction and fulfillment.
7. More positive working relationships.

The Benefits For Organisations

1. Increased employee performance and productivity.
2. Higher employee engagement with work.
3. Employee morale increases, this helping to attract and retain staff.
4. Cost savings through lower absence rates and reduced employee turnover.
5. Employees who feel well and happy make fewer workplace injury claims.
6. Improved employee relations because of investment in the employee.
7. Greater return on your staffing investment

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