Has this happened to you too?

I ran into a former colleague the other day, at a local cafe. Haven’t seen him in over five years. He’s a lovely man, old enough to be my father yet we get along really well. We ended up standing next to the coffee pick-up area for quite some time, talking about all manner of things while people came and went around us. I really enjoyed reconnecting with him. It gave me a boost for the rest of the day.

It also got me thinking…

How many people do we meet at work and get along with really well, yet lose contact with after we or they leave the job?

There have been quite a few for me over the years. It’s so easy to move on and never get around to catching up, even when we have the best of intentions.

It’s such a shame when this happens. It’s a lost opportunity. These relationships often have the potential to grown into something new outside of the workplace if we just give them a chance by making some effort at the beginning.

Research shows time and again that our relationships are crucial to our wellbeing and the happiest people have the widest social circles.

Positive social connections help us feel happy, make us feel connected and cared about, and help us when times get tough.

Action Steps

As you’d know, good friends can be hard to come by, so I encourage you to consider…

Do you have former work colleagues who used to bring joy into your life that you’ve lost contact with?

Think about sending them a text, email or LinkedIn connection to say hi. It might be the start of a wonderful new friendship outside of work!

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