How to Get The Most From Your Work Breaks: Using Mindfulness to Refresh Yourself Quickly and Easily

Stress is such an everyday occurrence that for many of us it’s just ingrained into our life. The good news is that we can interrupt the cycle of stress and ongoing exhaustion through simple mindfulness practices.

In this talk, mindfulness expert Cath Grey offers simple strategies you can use at work to calm yourself and restore your energy – and no-one ever need know you’re using them!

About Cath Grey, Mindfulness Coach

Cath Grey – Mindfulness Coach
Cath Grey – Mindfulness Coach

Cath Grey is a mindfulness mentor who helps her clients alleviate their stress and overwhelm, and find clarity, purpose and fulfillment.

She’s found mindfulness to be invaluable in her own life, giving her stability and peacefulness through the challenges of moving around three continents, parenting, studying, loss and the daily pressures of life. And because of the benefits she gained, she loves to support others in finding their own best ways of implementing practices and strategies that will support them.

Cath gained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and later in Education. After becoming a schoolteacher she managed an English language school, worked within the government, not-for-profit and academic sectors, and co-authored a book on teacher training.

During a particularly stressful period, Cath discovered mindfulness.  Several years later, in 2005, she trained to teach mindfulness, and went on to run numerous classes (usually alongside mindfulness author, Anna Black). She subsequently completed her MSc in mindfulness-based approaches to health, and has since facilitated mindfulness workshops in prisons, mental health care units, organisations and businesses.

Cath has been taught by extraordinary teachers from the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice.  She’s also been taught by John Teasdale (co-developer of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy), Jon Kabat-Zinn, Christina Feldman, Barbara Fredrickson, James Baraz, Rick Hanson, Russ Harris, James Bennett-Levy and Kristy Arbon.  She’s currently undergoing training to be an Advanced Practitioner Coach, and enjoying her current focus on working with individuals on a one-to-one basis.

Cath lives on the hills of the mid-north coast of NSW with her family, and sees her clients in person, on the phone, or via Skype.

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