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Wellness Tips Collection

A selection of the wellness tips published over past years via our popular 'Wellness Wednesday' newsletter.
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Building Happiness at Work & in Life

Happiness and wellbeing are finally being recognised as more than simply warm and fuzzy optional extras for our society. Hooray! And for good reason too....

Providing certainty in uncertain times

What seems to be spiking in importance in modern workplaces is the need for certainty.

A No-Fuss Way to Instantly Improve Your Wellbeing

Research shows that this approach is one that resilient people tend to use often, that non-resilient people don't. The more resilient you are, the less often you'll experience stress and the quicker you'll bounce back from setbacks.

Something we all enjoy and want more of, yet forget to...

How often are you praised for your work? How often do you praise others? Giving and receiving praise is one of those perennial workplace issues. Praise is something we all enjoy and want more of, yet it's something we don't do often and when we do, many of us don't deliver it as effectively as we might...

Lessons from the Failure Lab

The room is filling on a Saturday night in Sydney. It's an old theatre with seats from many decades past, that are covered in old vinyl and snap up quickly as soon as you begin getting up. The audience is diverse - from late teens to seniors - all ready to hear about a topic that affects us at every stage of life - failure.

Achieving Positive Lifestyle Change Without Specific Goals

Here's an approach that's proven to help with lasting lifestyle change. It's less performance-based than the common SMART goals approach and more sustainable than new years resolutions that often don't fit into your routine

Starting Culture Conversations

We never speak about workplace culture when things are going well. Typically, we feel the need to improve culture when the recent past has...

The Courage of Transparency

It happens in every business, at some point. A manager oversteps the mark and the robustness of the internal complaints system is tested. It...

The #1 Way to Mentally Recharge

Something I have learned in the past and had to re-learn recently is that there are different ways to relax and HOW you relax impacts directly on the level of energy recharge that you get from the activity. To get the maximum benefit from your relaxation time, you need to relax actively. Here's what that means...

How to Reduce Negativity In Your Workplace

Negativity can spread through workplaces and organisations like a virus. It's so easy to become negative at work and everyone is guilty of it at some point. If your workplace is negative, here's how you can help change it for the better.

How To Let Work Stress Go

This approach helps you to prevent feelings of work stress and also to let them go once they come up. You can use it when you’re feeling overwhelmed with work, when you’re worrying about something, and when you're having trouble relaxing and switching off from work. Or simply as a positive practice that helps to increase your wellbeing in both body and mind!

A Practice That Can Improve Your Mood

So many of us are trained to notice what's wrong, not done, or lacking in our lives. This practice can overcome that and help us to build mental wellbeing - as long it we make it more than just an intention or passing thought.
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