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Wellness Tips Collection

A selection of the wellness tips published over past years via our popular 'Wellness Wednesday' newsletter.
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7 Ways To Build Positive Work Relationships

Are your relationships at work a source of support or of stress? Are they both? If you want to be happy and healthy at work, it's crucial to try to have positive relationships at work. This doesn't mean that you have to be best friends - or even friends at all - but it does mean it's worth putting some effort into getting along well with the people you work with. Here are seven ways you can do just that...

A Practice That Can Improve Your Mood

So many of us are trained to notice what's wrong, not done, or lacking in our lives. This practice can overcome that and help us to build mental wellbeing - as long it we make it more than just an intention or passing thought.

Physical Activity & Exercise for Mental Health

Physical activity and exercise can play an important role in enhancing wellbeing and preventing or managing poor mental health. In this interview, psychologist and physical activity researcher Dr Nicola Burton outlines the relationships between physical activity and mental health and shares simple strategies to help you stick to an activity plan.

The NEAT Way to Boost Your Wellbeing and Avoid Disease

Whether we like it or not, exercise is crucial for good physical and mental health. Yet most of us don't get regular exercise. And for the majority of us, a standard weekday involves the majority of waking hours in a chair. And that sitting all day is literally a silent killer. Here's an easy way to reduce your risks...

When Randomness is a Good Thing

It's Random Acts of Kindness Day today, encouraging us all to do something kind for someone else, without expecting anything in return. Showing kindness to...

5 Simple Ways To Become More Positive

Research has shown that people who think optimistically are happier, healthier, live longer and have better relationships. Here are 5 simple ways that can help you become more positive and optimistic...

A 3-Step Approach for Reducing Overwhelm

At this busy time of year, it's easy for life to simply get on top of us. There's not only the Christmas parties and...

Five key factors that determine organisational culture

From the beginning of time, human behaviour has remained very predictable.  One of the most predictable aspects of human behaviour is that tension and...

The #1 Way to Mentally Recharge

Something I have learned in the past and had to re-learn recently is that there are different ways to relax and HOW you relax impacts directly on the level of energy recharge that you get from the activity. To get the maximum benefit from your relaxation time, you need to relax actively. Here's what that means...

Feeling Stressed? Know What Stage of Stress You’re In

Everybody says they are "stressed" at some stage. But not all stress is the same. That's because stress takes place in phases, and each phase...

A Personal Story in Support of RUOK Day

We all need to have some of our own strategies in place to be able to tackle this issue because really you just never know who is at risk.

Saying Yes When You Want to Say No

How often do you say yes when you want to say no? Oh, they all say – all the time! Yet don't we also instantly...
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