Stand Up For Your Health

Research has clearly shown that prolonged sitting is bad for our health and can take years off your life span. That’s a lot of scary information that really doesn’t help you much. Follow these practical steps to get moving at work without impacting your productivity.

A Personal Story in Support of RUOK Day

We all need to have some of our own strategies in place to be able to tackle this issue because really you just never know who is at risk.

Five key factors that determine organisational culture

From the beginning of time, human behaviour has remained very predictable.  One of the most predictable aspects of human behaviour is that tension and...

5 Things You Can Do Today for Happy Relationships at Work

We often like to see ourselves as independent individuals, yet time and again research shows that we are incredibly interconnected. Positive relationships are crucial...

10 Simple Steps to Reducing Negativity At Work

Modern workplaces can be stressful - lots of work, pressing deadlines, people issues and working extra hours to name a few - and stress...

The Courage of Transparency

It happens in every business, at some point. A manager oversteps the mark and the robustness of the internal complaints system is tested. It...

The Power of Trust

There are times in your career when things just seem to fall into place.

A Thinking Style That Can Help You Feel Happier

We all know that to be happier, it's important to focus on the positives in life. For some people that comes easily. For others,...

An Opportunity Many of Us Miss

Do you sometimes find yourself thinking that you'll be happier when some big things in your life change for the better? Or that some particular...

Has this happened to you too?

I ran into a former colleague the other day, at a local cafe. Haven't seen him in over five years. He's a lovely man,...

How to Handle Disagreements at Work in Positive & Healthy Ways

Psychology research tells us that for healthy relationships - and therefore a healthy workplace - we need five times as many positive experiences as...

Providing certainty in uncertain times

What seems to be spiking in importance in modern workplaces is the need for certainty.