Career Clarity Breakthrough: Find A Job That Will Help You Feel Happy & Fulfilled

Do you feel confused about what sort of job or career is would be best suited to you?

Would you like to…
  1. Get clarity about what jobs and careers will help you to feel the most happy and fulfilled?
  2. Build an ability to determine what types of jobs and employers will best suit your interests, strengths, skills and experience?
  3. Learn how to evaluate new job opportunities according to what’s going to satisfy you the most long term?

It can be hard to know what sort of job is going to provide you with lasting satisfaction and fulfilment. We all know that money doesn’t give lasting happiness but it’s hard to know what will. Is it challenge? Variety? Lifestyle? The problem is, we’re all different and our preferences also change depending on our experiences and the stage of career we’re in. Making wise decisions about new job opportunities can be hard.

Not only that, taking a trial-and-error approach to finding a good job fit is time-consuming. It’s frustrating and often disappointing.

The good news is, a strategic approach can save you a lot of time and heartache. And having a range of tools to use when weighting up possible career opportunities can make career decisions a lot easier.

This is what the Career Clarity Breakthrough program can provide you with.

The Career Clarity Breakthrough Program is a 60-day private mentorship program. It’s for people who struggle with career confusion and feel stuck in jobs they don’t enjoy, to find their most fulfilling career path so they can enjoy their work and reach their full potential.

What Past Participants Have Said…

“This has been really good for me. It’s made me reflect, dispel the irrelevant stuff, and put things into reality. “Knowing all this stuff now, I’ll be able to actually change my work life.”

“What I really enjoyed was our first coaching session. You were upfront and genuine that I had to put in the work to get the benefit of this program and that it wasn’t going to be a magic bullet. It’s actually helped me in my outer life, out of work. Even my husband has commented that this has been really good for me.”

“This has been really worth it. I have more momentum to move forward.”

“I completed the Career Clarity Breakthrough program with Adele a few years ago whilst working in the Public Service. I was unsure of what the ‘where to next?’ question meant, if anything, for me and my career. Through regular support and step by step coaching Adele helped me find my true self and I developed a greater insight into my strengths and the power I had within to be the initiator of the change I was looking for. I am now running my own business and I am grateful I was able to access Adele’s services at the time I did. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. Thank you Adele.”   Deb J, Qld

“It was a great experience having someone like you guide me through my thoughts and assist me with gaining clarity. I valued our time together.”   Kylie, ACT

“I started Adele’s Career Clarity Breakthrough uncertain about my current career and wanting to explore alternative career options. Adele deftly guided me by taking stock of my career-to-date and – through various assessments and exercises, and her astute observations – helped me identify attributes of best fit for a future career. I also found the approach was a great way to get ideas out of my head and begin to test options in the real world. Importantly, Adele was encouraging and supportive while keeping momentum going with between-session exercises. Adele also shared examples from her own highly relevant experience – bringing an invaluable mix of practical and theoretical knowledge to the process. I now have a much firmer basis from which to consider my career options and a clearer idea of what these options are.”   Amanda S, Vic

Imagine feeling excited on a Monday Morning…

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