5 Things You Can Do Today for Happy Relationships at Work

We often like to see ourselves as independent individuals, yet time and again research shows that we are incredibly interconnected. Positive relationships are crucial to our wellbeing and happy relationships are a central source of happiness and fulfillment.

Given the huge proportion of time we all spend at work, work relationships play a significant role in our wellbeing.

Here are 5 quick and easy ideas for building positive and uplifting connections with the people around you at work…

1.    Send a thank you

Email or call someone who has helped you out over the past two weeks. It doesn’t have to be long, it just needs to be authentic.

The key is that something they did that has made a positive difference and you are thanking them for it. Even if they were just doing their job, if it made things better for you or others, taking time to thank them may well make their day!

2.    Follow up

Email someone you’ve provided work to recently and ask them if what you sent them was what they were seeking. Or ask how things turned out if it was part of a greater process or project.

By showing that you care about the work you do and about your impact on others, you can make a lasting positive difference to that relationship.

3.    Give a sincere compliment

Look for something you can genuinely compliment a colleague on. The key is to be sincere – people will sense whether you’re being genuine or self-serving/inauthentic. We all love to receive positive feedback – share some positive vibes and enjoy the glow!

4.    Offer support

Take some time to notice how the people around you are faring at work. If someone seems to be struggling with their workload, ask them how they’re going. If they give you an honest reply (which they might not) offer to give them a hand for half an hour/an hour/a defined period of time.

They probably won’t take you up on it but a genuine offer of support will almost certainly be appreciated. And if you’re feeling overwhelmed too, tell them you understand and they’re not alone – without using the opportunity to complain or shift the focus to your workload! 🙂

5.    Do something for someone without being asked

Research shows that the most appreciated gifts are those that are both unexpected and personalised. Show your support for a colleague by doing something that you know they’ll appreciate.

This can be a small gesture like getting a coffee for someone who is flat out, or something more significant. The key is for it to be helpful in their eyes and proactive – not waiting to be asked. This shows you are thoughtful and willing to support your colleagues.

Simple gestures like these can create a lovely positive spiral of people paying positive gestures forward – which could make your whole work area happier. It just takes one person to start the process!

Action Steps

We’ve covered five simple but powerful gestures that will help you to build happy relationships…

Which will you choose to do today? And for whom?

Also consider… how much of a positive impact could you have if you did one of these every day? The positive possibilities are endless!

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