At this busy time of year, it’s easy for life to simply get on top of us. There’s not only the Christmas parties and end of year events going on, along with the present purchasing to do, there’s ALSO all the work that gets given the deadline of ‘done before Christmas’. We get pulled in so many directions it can often feel as though our heads are spinning.

This feeling of overwhelm is particularly prevalent amongst working women. We’re often juggling work commitments with family commitments, friends, our health and fitness… and maybe even throwing in a hobby or two in the mix if we’re lucky.

The key to managing overwhelm is having a range of strategies in your skillset. Ones you can resort to when you feel the levels of overwhelm rising and threatening to burst the banks.

Action Steps

This simple approach is for the times when your head starts spinning with overwhelm and the stress hormones start to kick in.

In order not to load you up with a list of steps you won’t ever remember, I’ve cut this right down to a very doable 3. Commit these steps to memory as your overwhelm toolkit and use them as needed.

1. Breathe. Deeply. Really Deeply. This will quickly drop your stress hormones and, as a result, slow your feelings of stress and bring calm in the midst of the storm.

2. Narrow your focus to the present moment. Not everything on your list needs to be completed today, this week, or ever. Stop worrying about what you could do, should do, must do etc. Come back to ‘right now’.

3. Ask yourself this question: Of all the things I have to do, what one thing will help tomorrow to be easier than today? Do that thing.

Repeat this process as needed.

Before you know it, your level of overwhelm will have subsided and you’ll be back to feeling on top of things again.

When could you use this 3-Step approach in your life at the moment?


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